Physicians and highly qualified managers in hospitals are indispensable for the quality of value-based healthcare.

They face the challenge of ensuring the right balance between patient well-being, high-grade digitization and optimal equipment.

Innovative technologies and more and more AI-supported solutions (smart hospital) ensure that the interests of sustainable and dynamic care in everyday clinical practice are met. If the well-being of the patients is the ethical standard in everything, tailor-made staffing and appreciation are among the levers to effectively counteract the shortage of skilled workers.


HAGER recruits personalities who are able to renew and raise potential in challenging times in order to set a cycle of success or a transformation in motion. Especially in the area Healthcare The focus is on a holistic leadership style and the humanitarian mission. Experience, impressive knowledge and excellent economic thinking characterize the best minds. Both the ability to innovate and adapt to new conditions are crucial here.

We understand the mindset of the entire healthcare industry and have a lively network that has grown over many years in hospitals, medical care centers and related areas such as occupational medicine, health authorities and health insurance companies. As an additional, robust and transparent partner, HAGER uses crucial market and industry knowledge to fill management vacancies and strategic positions.

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(Team) management in commercial Area

senior physicians


board members

(Team) Management in the commercial area

operations lines

(Team) Management in the areas of service, technology, construction, logistics and IT

Head of patient management

Chief Physician

Leading Senior Physicians

Senior Physician

Nursing Directorate

Team / department head IT

Quality Management

Product management

Fully qualified lawyers

(Team) Head of Customer Care

Regional Sales Manager

Head of Health Department

Project management digitization

Head of Social Services

Head of Social Medical Service

Head of Hygiene Department

Head of the Child and Youth Health Service

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