“Largest wind turbine in the world – system from China as high as the Eiffel Tower”


"China has the longest high-speed rail network", "Largest wind turbine in the world - system from China as high as the Eiffel Tower", "Automobile market of the future - the car of the future will largely come from China" - this small selection of recently published Reports make it clear: With regard to macroeconomic megatrends, there will be no way around China in the future. German SMEs and corporations are participating in this development and have been very well positioned with regard to their China strategies for years.

For the seventh year in a row, the People's Republic is Germany's most important trading partner, ahead of the USA and France. Nevertheless, the Chinese market remains demanding: government subsidies influence global competition, cultural differences cause even experienced “China hands” to doubt their previous experiences after years, and geostrategic-political developments ensure a lack of long-term planning, especially among German medium-sized companies.


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According to a current survey by the German Chamber of Commerce in China, German companies operating in the People's Republic cite finding and hiring suitable managers and specialists as one of the greatest challenges for long-term success in their China strategy. Thanks to years of Chinese-German project experience, HAGER Executive has a close-knit network of decision-makers and has excellent access to potential candidates and managers. We advise both Chinese-invested companies in Germany and German companies operating in the People's Republic on the implementation of their human resources strategy, on identifying and hiring interculturally tested new employees and on transformation processes.

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The HAGER China Desk consists of a small team of experts who have been operating in the German-Chinese economic environment for decades and can quickly familiarize themselves with the specific requirements of complex role profiles thanks to their knowledge of the Chinese market. The highest possible degree of overlap with required vacancies, maximum process fidelity, fast and scalable results and intercultural sensitivity allow our consultants to achieve consistent success on behalf of their customers.

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