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Everything in life wants to be sold somehow.

Products, services, ideas and wishes. In order to use the serious side of selling, we have to develop an excellent feeling for our counterpart. It is not for nothing that selling shares the first three letters with trust. Both belong together and sustainable, successful selling only works with trust. However, you also have to dare to do the right things in order to be successful in selling. These right things are the subject of our training days.


Work on content that moves:

  • What does selling actually mean?
  • Which steps lead to the launch?
  • What role does my effect on other people play?
  • What is important to the customer?
  • What creates trust and how do we generate sustainable business?
  • How do we master difficult situations during the sales process?

Achieve learning effects that advance:

  • Joy and fun in selling
  • Proven selling tools
  • Many impressions from simulated sales situations
  • A healthy attitude towards success and failure in sales

Current training dates

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Thomas Wetzel

Thomas Wetzel is the contact person for the departments at HAGER Executive Consulting Development leadership, assessment and change management.

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