Sustainability and digitization are at the top Executive Search

Do you remember? The job market supplements in the national daily newspapers weighed heavily.

Access to the Internet makes things easier and optimizes things today. In this way, companies reach significantly more suitable executives through the enormous reach of recruiting, also in the well-known social media networks.

Digitization has already revolutionized the world of work. Workplaces have adapted to the new, variable needs in all sectors, and at the same time more and more managers are moving up who have different ideas than the baby boomer generation. Benefits such as table football or the weekly fruit basket are not decision criteria for them. Just as for the companies, the cultural fit has become more important, i.e. the optimal fit of the lived values ​​and goals. The mega-topic of sustainability and a good work-life balance are increasingly coming into focus.  

Executive Search In view of this paradigm shift, is in good hands with those who deal intensively with current trends worldwide and are in close contact with industry giants in order to be able to react immediately to changes in the market or to immediately adapt the search for suitable candidates.

In the search process, willingness to change, qualifications, mobility and salary expectations are first explored. So far, so usual. But the companies expect much more than a positive first impression in the candidate exposé.

  • Do the expectations and needs of both sides match?
  • What can the company offer apart from the best benefits, the greatest atmosphere and above-average compensation?
  • How is sustainability (including a sustainable leadership culture) promoted in an exemplary manner on both sides?
  • And, crucially, also for both sides: digital leadership.

In the future, Germany's corporations want to take all ESG goals into account, i.e. become more ecologically, economically and socially sustainable. Climate neutrality stands out as a major goal here. This sustainable transformation, which will develop profoundly similar to digitization, i.e. will change smaller companies forever, requires very carefully selected specialists and managers. It is their responsibility to systematize the - also technical - conversion towards sustainability in the company. They know the demanding regulations and react to a demanding public. And last but not least, decision-makers themselves are challenged by setting an example of sustainability in the organization and thus inspiring and taking the workforce with them.   

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