Energy & Utility

Due to political and ecological factors as well as new, global technologies, the Energy & Utilities industry is undergoing an epochal change.

The players in the industry need the support of strategic-practical thinkers and visionaries in order to master the diverse challenges. 


Our customers are large energy producers, municipal utilities and municipal energy suppliers, power plant and component manufacturers, energy traders and providers of energy and energy-related services as well as engineering companies. We have particular expertise in the areas of engineering, sales, IT and business management.

With our network and expertise in the Energy & Utility sector, we can confidentially find outstanding personalities for management and expert tasks who will efficiently and profitably accompany the company's dynamic change and the upcoming ecological transformation of the energy system.

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Ulf Gissel

Ulf Gissel

Energy & Utilities Manager

Hager_Oliver Badura


COO, Founder