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We appreciate your interest in our special event 07 November 2024 um 18:00 reported Karl-Heinz Land, author and expert in digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

The Subject will be: "Earth 5.0 – Digitalization: Killer or savior of sustainability?"

You can register with the following registration form, you will receive a confirmation of participation immediately afterwards.


HAGER Headquarters Frankfurt am Main, Germany





NOV 2024

Title: Earth 5.0 – Digitalization: Killer or savior of sustainability?

guest speaker: Karl-Heinz Land


April 2024

Title: Cybercrime affects us all.
Nonly through joint efforts can we defend ourselves against it.

guest speaker: Carsten Meywirth


OCT 2023

Title: Intelligence is becoming artificial – also in politics?

guest speaker: Achim Berg


April 2021

Title: The world of work in 2030 - digital & diverse? (virtual event)

guest speaker: Tijen Onaran


NOV 2020

Title: Future of the world of work "The decision makers of 2030" (virtual event)

guest speaker: Sven Gabor Janszky


NOV 2019

Title: Bodyguard – Kevin Costner is a woman in Germany

guest speaker: Thank you Patricia Walters


April 2019

Title: Biohacking – A mix of science and technology for self-optimization

guest speaker: Max Gotzler


OCT 2018

Title: The social impact of a restaurant critic’s work

guest speaker: Dr. Peter-Peter


April 2018

Title: Journalism in the digital world

guest speaker: Prof. Dr. Nonnenmacher


OCT 2017

Title: As an actor, do you also play a role in your private life?

guest speaker: Sky Du Mont


April 2017

Title: Right or wrong, good or evil human behavior from the perspective of a judge

Guest speaker: Ulrich Wetzel


NOV 2016

Title: What the economy can learn from sport 'The pitfalls of a professional team using the example of the Kölner Haie'

Guest speaker: Peter Schoenberger


April 2016

Title: 'Everyone in time' – from the work of a conductor

Guest speaker: Andrés Orozco Estrada


NOV 2015

Title: Livehacking - Cyber ​​Crime – Fiction or Reality?

Guest speaker: Wolfgang Strasser


July 2015

Title: Black Art - Coffee, Espresso & more

Guest speaker: Mrs Ulrike Neiss


MAR 2015

Title: Vernissage with the artists Dalip Kryeziu and Ljuba Jakupovic

Guest speaker: Dr. Friedrich Häring


November 2014

Title: No summit without an abyss

Guest speaker: Robert Jasper


July 2014

Title: Future Forum - how do you implement the future into your corporate strategy?

Guest speaker: Pero Micic


November 2013

Title: The case processing of a crime writer

Guest speaker: Jan Seghers aka Matthias Altenburg


Meitheamh 2013

Title: Future Forum - how will we live and work in the future?

Guest speaker: Sven Gabor Janszky


February 2013

Title: Vernissage with the artists Dalip Kryeziu

Guest speaker: Dr. Friedrich Häring


November 2012

Title: Truffles and the right red wine

Guest speaker: Guy Bonnefoit


2012 SEPT

Title: Chess and entrepreneurial strategies

Guest speaker: Sebastian Siebrecht


April 2012

Title: Women in management positions

Guest speaker: Doris Fitschen