Aerospace & Defense

Defense spending is increasing worldwide. In Germany, too, the relevant industrial fields are already posting enormous growth. In global competition, the digital transformation in particular is leading to more and more new defense applications and products.

Numerous companies are active in this important future sector as producers or suppliers and offer interesting fields of work for both industrial engineers, commercial specialists and cybersecurity experts. Just like in the neighboring aerospace technology, which is pursuing sustainable civil flight and the further development of space with a great spirit of optimism, there is only room for the best. Without an above-average willingness to perform and coupled with relevant expert knowledge, this is not possible here either. But far more than in other industries, security discretion, loyalty and integrity are essential requirements. 

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Likewise, when searching for and selecting managers and specialists in these industrial sectors, our customers not only have a competent and experienced business partner at their side with the HAGER Business Unit Aerospace & Defense. Due to our experience, we are closely networked with all markets and know the short, medium and long-term strategic goals of each customer. We support both medium-sized companies and global system manufacturers of aviation and defense technology in the sensitive sector.

In the "race" for the few best, we are among the winners. We not only present highly specialized professionals and managers who are able to strategically open up new world markets and deliver innovative products, but also advertise for our customers as an attractive employer.

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Thomas Wetzel


Business Unit Manager Aerospace & Defense
Business Unit Manager HAGER Academy