Employment Lifecycle Solutions to secure your future

Future-oriented, successful companies need employees who identify with their company and their task. It is one of the main challenges to win such people over to the company. 

In addition to finding suitable personalities, it is also important to continuously develop them. If a change is imminent, people must be accompanied and empowered for the new tasks. During the entire time that an employee works in the company, other measures for professional and personal development are always necessary so that they can develop and expand their potential and make it available to the company profitably. 

HAGER Employment Lifecycle Solutions® offers the right solution for the different areas of personnel future security. A corresponding offer is available to employees for the respective phase of their company affiliation.

As part of our partnership with KeTu Consult we also support companies in uncovering and activating the productivity potential of their employees.

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Executive Search - find the right employees.

With over 25 years of experience in Executive Search you will find in-depth know-how with us to fill the best candidates in key positions at management and specialist level; Personalities who fill these positions optimally and further advance the company. 

With our 4i process®, which is unique on the market, we achieve a placement rate of over 90 percent. The process ensures the highest quality standards when selecting suitable candidates. This enables us to fill vacancies for our clients both precisely and sustainably. 

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Assessment - promote employees with a focus on potential

Employees who fully exploit their potential are usually the most motivated. We therefore recommend taking a close look: What potential does an employee bring with them and where can this be used profitably?

In an evaluation process, we support our customers with the analysis. The development of executives is just as much a focus as the identification of measures for new and reorganization processes.

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HAGER_Graphic_ELS_Employer Lifecycle Solutions_Part-3 Development

Development - Continuously develop employees

Successful companies systematically support the further development of the people in their teams. At Hager Development, the focus is on promoting employees. as well as the training of result-oriented communication. For this purpose, we develop concepts that are specifically tailored to the company and the individuality of the participants - for all hierarchical levels.  

We offer a wide range of training courses for individual employees. Possible main topics include: leadership, sales, rhetoric and presentation, communication and individual coaching.

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HAGER_Graphic_ELS_Employer Lifecycle Solutions_Part-4 Change Management

Change management - support employees in a targeted manner

When professional changes are imminent, people look for clarity and orientation. With Hager Change-Management, we offer executives and qualified specialists career advice and coaching in change processes. 

On the one hand, our clients are the companies themselves who want to organize separations in a responsible manner. On the other hand, leaders who are looking for a new professional perspective. Or specialists or executives who question their previous career or who want to realign their career.

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The 4i Process ensures the highest quality when filling positions

The 4i Process draws on more than 25 years of experience in Executive Search. With the help of four central process steps, we ensure consistently high quality when filling positions.

The consultants from HAGER Executive Consulting identify the most promising candidates, check the motivation to change, to qualify, to what extent they fit optimally in terms of content and personality and the navigier both candidates and clients goal-oriented through the entire process.
In this way, we ensure that vacancies are filled precisely and sustainably.

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The first step in the selection process is crucial to success. Based on a sophisticated profile, we develop the interdisciplinary search strategy, the search fields and the selection criteria. In this way we identify the most promising candidates.


We attach great importance to determining the individual reasons for a change of candidates. The point is to clarify to what extent the position under discussion represents a sensible next step for all those involved. Of course, our consultants are extremely discreet when approaching you directly.

to qualify

The next step is further qualification based on individual skills. We distinguish between professional and personality-related competencies and determine these with the help of a multi-stage interview process. These meaningful candidate profiles form the basis for the shortlist.

the navigier

Intensive process support for both clients and candidates ensures that the entire process runs smoothly. In addition to project management, this also includes feedback loops, sparring discussions and a proactive exchange during the course of the process.

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The 4i Process - filling positions successfully, precisely and sustainably

With the 4thi process, HAGER guarantees excellent results for a tailor-made filling of vacancies. Both clients and candidates confirm that their high expectations of HAGER Executive Consulting are met. Our long-standing clients confirm: A placement rate of over 90% convinced.