How we shape diversity and inclusion

A culture of equality in the workplace

Our goal at HAGER is equal opportunities for women and men in all functions and across all career levels. For us, the culture of equality does not just mean equality for all genders, but diversity and inclusion in all dimensions. We see the establishment of equal opportunities as a process and continuously develop our attitudes and competencies regarding diversity and inclusion.

For us, equal opportunities is a question of business ethics, but above all a way to further increase the quality of our work and thus the success of our clients.

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We live equal opportunities

With mentoring programs, career coaching, specific further training and much more, we enable our employees to optimally develop their diverse talents and contribute them to the benefit of our customers. Our internal Equality Initiative gives our employees a platform to exchange experiences and support each other in their development. In addition, the Equality Initiative provides impetus for the further development of our culture of equal opportunities internally and our consulting profile for diversity and inclusion.

Global diversity at HAGER

Global diversity at HAGER is reflected in a team with 30% international background from 25 nations!

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Avoid unconscious bias

In order to counteract stereotypes and unconscious reservations, we sensitize our own employees and offer our customers Unconscious bias workshops.


How do our customers benefit from this?

We would like to support and accompany our clients in setting up their management teams heterogeneously. Our goal is to find the best candidates and to generate the decisive added value through the optimal team composition.

An important aspect here is to increase the proportion of women in management and boardrooms. We have therefore committed ourselves to proposing 50 percent of candidates for positions on the Management Board and Supervisory Board that are female.

partner organizations

In addition to our own commitment, as a partner we support a number of initiatives relating to diversity and inclusion.

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