Fire in the Castle 2023: Intelligence is becoming artificial – also in politics?


Achim Berg as guest speaker at the “Fire in the Castle” event

guest speaker Achim Berg (2017 to 2023 President of the Bitkom industry association)

On November 14, 2023, our “Fire in the Castle” event took place for the 18th time - an evening full of inspiring conversations, exciting discussions and a festive atmosphere. Under the motto “Intelligence is becoming artificial – even in politics?”, numerous participants gathered at our company headquarters in Frankfurt to experience an evening full of insights and networking.

The evening began with a lively atmosphere, characterized by stimulating conversations and a good mood. We warmly welcomed our guests, including well-known personalities from business and politics. An evening full of innovation and inspiration awaited you.

CEO Martin Krill opened the formal part of the evening with a short flashback to the story of “Fire in the Castle” and an insight into this year’s motto. In his opening speech he underlined the relevance of advancing artificial intelligence with the words: “In a world in which intelligence is becoming artificial - including in politics - we are challenged to develop innovative ways of thinking and to actively participate in shaping the future. "

Advances in the field of artificial intelligence, such as our HAGER AI, were also mentioned as an example of technological developments that can make a significant contribution to paving intelligent and sustainable paths in various areas of society.

A highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the captivating presentation by our guest speaker Achim Berg. With profound expertise, he provided a comprehensive overview of current political and economic developments in Germany. Berg highlighted the leadership differences between Merkel and Scholz. At the same time, she discussed the challenges of bureaucracy in politics and analyzed the economic burdens and opportunities in times of change.

FIRE IN THE CASTLE – platform for exchange

The subsequent discussion round brought the participants' perspectives into focus and emphasized Germany's strengths and opportunities. The active participation made a significant contribution to ensuring that the discussion was productive and insightful. “Fire in the Castle” once again served as a platform for exchanging ideas and developing new approaches.

After these stimulating conversations, the flying buffet from our catering service was the crowning conclusion of the evening. The culinary delicacies offered the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas and deepen contacts in a relaxed atmosphere.

A photo of the table display for the Fire in the Castle event
A photo of the table display for the Fire in the Castle event

We would like to thank all participants for their active participation and commitment. It was a great pleasure for us to be able to welcome you personally to our company headquarters again after such a long time. We hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did. May the discussions and new contacts provide you with fresh perspectives.

Fire in the Castle 2023 was definitely a success. We look forward to seeing you again at future events. Together we shape the future and drive intelligent, innovative developments – in politics and beyond.

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