Together for diversity and equal opportunities


With the professional mentoring program "Elevate your Career", HAGER Executive Consulting, together with the association Afro Deutsches Akademiker Netzwerk (ADAN), wants to make a contribution to talent development and thus to social diversity.

Make diversity visible

Since 2014, the Afro German Academics Network (ADAN eV) has been committed to the interests of Afro-Germans and Africans with a focus on personal career development, the representation of black people in Germany and a differentiated image of the African continent.

With the work of the association, the establishment of a network and numerous projects, ADAN contributes to the reduction of structural disadvantages, with the vision of diversity in all areas of life: socially, politically and economically.

Together with ADAN, HAGER Executive Consulting has also set itself the goal of making diversity in society more visible, supporting members of the Afro-German Academics Network on their individual career path and promoting talent.

"We at HAGER firmly believe that every person has special talents within themselves," explains Ralf Hager, Managing Director of HAGER Executive Consulting GmbH, explaining his company's motivation.

"These talents can - if they are recognized and properly promoted - develop enormous potential."

The "Elevate your Career" mentoring program launched by HAGER together with ADAN consists of two blocks: In June 2022, the consultants from HAGER Executive Consulting taught the participants the basics of career planning in online workshops. The four zoom meetings provided best practice knowledge on the topics of finding a career, CV, job interview and salary negotiations. The second block of the program consists of individual coaching sessions in which eleven professionals are accompanied by experienced mentors over a period of three months. The coaching consists of three one-hour meetings in which the mentors answer the mentees’ individual questions and provide them with individual advice and valuable knowledge transfer.

"Initiatives like Elevate your Career are necessary to promote the social mobility of our community," explains Jonas Tesfai, project coordinator and founding member of ADAN eV.

While HAGER provides the technical input with its know-how and experts, ADAN takes over the marketing, as well as the matching and coordination of the individual coaching.

"With the current round of the program, we want to create a basis together with ADAN," says Ralf Hager, describing the planning. “As a pilot event, it is intended to provide us with insights and data on the basis of which we want to further develop “Elevate your Career” and establish it as a regular programme. Our goal is to hold workshops and coaching sessions twice a year to support students, professionals, trainees and academics who are interested in Africa in individually promoting their professional career paths.”

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